Friday, December 11, 2009


I haven't had much time to write a proper blog post on here (finalsfinalsfinals), but I'm glad that after job hunting in LA Live this morning I have a few minutes to spare before I head to my dinky ol job.

Here's some new Hot Chip. Coincidentally, I was listening to Made in the Dark yesterday, and just today when listening to KCRW back home, I heard they came out with a new single. Enjoy.

Hot Chip - One Life Stand (MySpace Exclusive)

Hot Chip | MySpace Music Videos

And what about that new Vampire Weekend, yeah?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


That's all I want, that's all I need. 2 more weeks and I'll be spoiled with sleep.

Friday, November 6, 2009

baby boom month

I've finally found some "time-management" time, and phew, it feels like I've had a weight off of my shoulders. I'm glad I don't have to worry about procrastinating right now, since I'm starting off a new slate since midterms finished, which I must say were torture.

For the past two weeks I've managed to have a few adventures, including talking to a border inspector when driving back to LA from TJ (and him "complimenting me" on how I looked just like Kourtney Kardashian), San Diego to visit Fredy, taking my little brother to his first Laker game, and seeing Regina Spektor at The Greek Theater.

TJ - where the safest roads are.

LA fevahh

"you are so sweet dancing to the beat..."

Regina Spektor @ The Greek Theater 10/28 from Priscilla Castro on Vimeo.

Amazing evening.

So now that October's fun is long gone, helllooo baby boom babies. I tend to lose count on how many of my friends have their birthdays this month, but think of it like this. It's like celebrating Christmas for two months. Three birthdays have already passed (including Fredy's 20th bday today), and there's many more to knock down. Phew, parentals were sure getting busy in the late 80's/early 90's.

While I get ready to buy the rest of the presents for my dear friends this month, I'll go ahead and treat myself to these like if I were a November baby too.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

eye candy...


All of a sudden, all I want in life is hidden wedge heel shoes, especially this pair.

where were we?

It's fairly obvious that I am one of the worst bloggers this world has yet seen. It's been time due since I should have posted a blog about my summer adventures (which were very few unfortunately due to working for school) and all my other interests that caught my eye in the past months. Something that definetely that caught my eye in the summer was HARD Summer, ha ha, but not in the most positive sense after all the hype that was made.

Summer in brief:
-Bat For Lashes was amazing, and I loved the intimate atmosphere.
-Won tickets from Ameoba to see Ray LaMontagne, Jenny Lewis,and Blitzen Trapper at the Hollywood Bowl. Great show.
-Free time was mainly spent on making more headbands, earrings, and necklaces for los anjealous.
-Saw The Dead Weather at Jimmy Kimmel Live, and caught a glimpse of B.J Novak when Jimmy Kimmel was introducing The Dead Weather. Alison Mosshart and Jack White gave me goosebumps. Also, when I was leaving my bag with my sister at the Roosevelt, I ran into to Eric Wareheim from Tom Goes To Mayor, and again when I was going to pick up my bag, which was pretty cool and funny.
-Finally enjoyed the exquisiteness of a Cuban pastry (guava and cheese in particular). No lie, it's orgasmatic.
-Expanded my closet a lot more thanks to the joys of thrifting in Hollywood from thrift shop to thrift shop to thrift shop.
-Knocked off a few books from my summer reading list.
-Finally visited Venice Beach.
-Saw Fight Club, FINALLY.
-Urban Outfitters is a thing of the past, thank God.

So now fall is here, and I couldn't be more happy. I do not, and honestly can't think of anyone who can function well under heat. I personally get ridiculously light headed, and prefer not to drive anywhere, which consequently leaves me in a state of cabin fever. But why risk getting in another accident? Psh, I'm just happy I'll be enjoying the chilly breezes, the sight of streets accented with orange and yellow leaves, the lack of light headed ness, and especially the fact that I can wear my coats that have not seen the light of day for a year.

I'm also back at LB, which has left me with a semester I'm really enjoying. Despite the fact that I'm on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 AM til 7:00 PM, my classes are pretty great. I'm taking a womyn's studies course again, but this time women and their bodies, so it's letting me know a LOT more about myself, anatomically speaking, hah. But when I'm not in school, I'm working, which technically leaves me with no days off, but at least I get to catch up on homework. Either way, I can't say no to a day of work these days, since I'm desperately trying to save up for a dslr, which will help me blog more often on here. Sadly, the lack of a camera really affects me in continuing to blog. Soon...sooon.

So I'll try to be blogging periodically now, not like I've slacked off before, with MUCH more interesting junk. =)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You bet your sweet ass I'm excited.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday was a day of hysterics and sadness with Michael Jackson's memorial and my parents going crazy over my mistakes. I have calmed down a bit after this whole claim was made on my insurance for the accident, but the girl I hit really screwed me over now and turned her back on me claiming more damage than was actually made and now injuries. What a slick way to dig into my empty pocket...

Driving towards Downtown yesterday, I was a bit skeptical about going shopping in the fashion district afraid that there were going to be tons and tons of road closures and horrible traffic, but luckily I got right into where I was headed. Driving around, we saw the tons of black Land Rovers and Rolls Royce's that were taking the Jackson family to the Staples Center, which seemed so crazy to me since I was so close. I bought a few pairs of jeans with my sister, and headed back towards Downey wiping tears from our eyes as we heard the entire memorial on the radio. As soon as I got home, I could not stop crying seeing the memorial rerun on VH1. Me and my sister were just wondering that we were going to remember that day forever, and when we would be older, we're going to tell our kids, "Kids, when we were much younger, we drove around Michael Jackson's memorial service and cried our eyes out while listening to it on the radio and watching it on TV." It was such a surreal day.

Rest In Peace MJ.

Monday, July 6, 2009

oh accidents...

It's funny how I'm more worried about my parents going ballistic over higher insurance rates than the damage of both cars, even though they're minor scrapes.

Oh Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, at least you two make me smile on a day like this.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

far from reality

In the past month, a lot of things have happened that make things seem so surreal. Thankfully it's more good things than bad things, but still I feel that I need to break away from some things, some people, and maybe even leave L.A for a little while. Maybe even consider taking a trip to the east coast since my aunt wants me to come over before the year's over.

To recap, the Lucky Brand Jeans Neighborhood Social was great. Bat For Lashes's performance was lovely and very intimate since the people were all cramped up in the back of the store. Surprisingly after eating chinese with Edwin before he went to work at Banana, I rushed over to Lucky only to find that I barely made it with still having a seat way up infront of Natasha. It was great, and her performance was acoustic with only the marxophone, piano, and another instrument that I had never seen before or in her performances. After the show, everyone fought to get the set list, but I just took her poster from the store outside. It was a great show and I just can't wait to see her again next month.

Aside from that, I job hunted like crazy, and applied to Urban Outfitters with no expectations of a call back. Two weeks ago they proved me wrong with offering me a group interview with 15 other folks, and after that one, they offered me another one with the 5 that were picked out of the bunch. Now, I start training tomorrow as a cashier over there, and I couldn't be more excited. Only downside is that by working there it means I'm going to be working two jobs this summer, with my weekend job at a driving school here by LAX. At least I'll be using the time working there by writing on my blog, like right now. Hah...

However, things have been in a somber mood since Michael Jackson's passing. To this day, I still can't believe he has left us for good. I've been paying my respects to him by playing his songs non stop, and this week I'm going to visit his star on the Walk of Fame and leave some flowers for him. My sister and I actually signed up for the tickets of the memorial service that's going to take place at the Staples Center, but after the overwhelming amount of people that registered for the lottery, I doubt that I'll be able to get them.

Oh Michael, rest in peace.

On the brighter side, the shop my sister and I opened up on etsy has been open for two weeks already with a lot of good feedback. Despite making only a few sales, we've already sold to people in France which was very surprising. We've been making lots of accesories and jewelery, and we're planning on putting up some more items before the end of the month.

But for now, I have to handle to shop all by myself since my sister is going to leave to Nicaragua Wednesday. Again, I'm going to be the only child in the house...and that's never any fun. Blagh...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

starting summer late;

Although I've been doing a few things since school has been out, I feel that I have not done my duty to make the best of each day as a true summer vacation. I mean, I haven't even left to snoop around Hollywood in more than a month. But now, I'm back in business.

Sure my trip this past weekend to the rural areas up in Northern California with the fam bam was allright, but now it's time to get down to the down to the real dirt here in town.

This Sunday Bat For Lashes will be playing at the Lucky Brand Jeans store in the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for free. Just make sure to RSVP online. On top of that, she is playing another show here in LA after her sold out show at El Rey on August 31st at The Music Box @ Fonda. You can read more about the pre-sale and everything on her blog.

More good news, Friendly Fires is coming back to LA on tour, and they'll be playing at the El Rey Theater August 24th, a few days before Bat For Lashes comes down here.

Sounds like a good treat. (=

And for the more recent stuff that's coming up, this should be pretty awesome.

Ahh....I missed listening to Thieves Like Us.

More exciting news, my sister and I are opening our own shop named los anjealous on Etsy this coming week for feather headbands, feather earrings, and customized bracelets (my sister's specialty). Few more days, and we're really up for business.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

evil twins and whatnot

Bat For Lashes - "Pearl's Dream"

Bat For Lashes's second video for the next single "Pearl's Dream" was uploaded yesterday on her myspace. Finally we get to meet the oh so famous Pearl!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

headaches and sore knees

Running around all day today had me exhausted, and I'm hoping that tomorrow I could have a break. My drums are finally out of their hide out after cleaning them up for a bit more than an hour. Kashmir with my sister, Fredy, and Luly was fun, also with running into a few familiar faces. It worked a liddo bit as a golden star to myself for running around all morning.

Here's some lovely new Regina Spektor for the wandering eye:
Laughing With

Her new album "Far" comes out June 23rd, so keep an eye out.

Also, Nosaj Thing's debut album "Drift" is set to drop June 9th, but it's already available online.
Also, he's going to be at Low End Theory in LA for a record release party June 10th.

Yum, I love the taste of new tunes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


First weekend of summer has come, and I'm already sick. These past few days have been nothing but sneezing and a continuous runny nose, and staring straight up at bright lights is not helping [no it's not swine flu]. Aside from the boogers running down from my nose, I've already started to make the best out of my summer since Friday. Fredy, Luly, and I went to Universal Studios for a special test taping of the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. It was somewhat of an adventure getting to the stage by unnecessarily taking the shuttle to City Walk only to find that the stage was only a walk down from the train station where we parked. After all the panic that Fredy had for thinking that we were going to be late for the show and after all the running, we were in the studio and we were good to go. Rebecca Romijn and Patton Oswalt were the guests, and I just simply couldn't stop laughing during Patton Oswalt's interview. Also, I can't forget Conan's prediction for the Year 3000 : "In the year 3000, youtube, twitter, and facebook will merge into one giant time wasting website: youtwitface." Oh, Conan. ^_^

I'm planning on going to more Tonight Shows this summer. Which reminds me, I saw that Jimmy Kimmel Live has an upcoming Bat For Lashes show on June 16th, the same night of her show at The El Rey Theater. And wow, they're sold out as well. I guess I'll just have to check again and again and hope to have the same luck of getting tickets like I did when I went to go see Depeche Mode.

This week I'm hoping to get a lot done with painting, making visits, and even starting to set up a little line of accessories me and my sister are planning to do. We'll get some ideas up and eventually put them up on Etsy, so keep an eye out for that. I'll also have to get my guitar strings for my guitar so I can start practicing since I'm planning to perform at open mic nights, possibly Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis covers. Let's see how that goes.

[photo: Wooster Collective - artist: Run Dont Walk]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

almost there

one more week to go and i'm worry-free. (=

Monday, May 11, 2009


cutest thing ever

This is my last week of school, and I'm stressed, but not stressed. Well, I guess 'cos of my math final and persuasive speech tomorrow. I feel that I have everything else in the bag. After next week, I'll be free as a bird, and I would go shopping, but that would require money, and for money I'd need a job, which I still don't have. Just two more weeks, and I could be getting a job in Cerritos, hopefully. Who knows, I'm hoping for the best.

Oh summer...please come already.

Friday, May 8, 2009

withdrawl symptoms

Ever since this semester started, every morning I have drunk a cup of coffee to get me through the day. I figured I became addicted, because if I would not have coffee around 9 am in the morning, I was bound to fall asleep for my 11 am class. So this past week, I've tried to substitute the habit with getting french mocha cappuchinos instead, and I had no idea that by trying to avoid coffee, I would begin to get major headaches. So this whole week I've been dealing with stupid headaches that make me ridiculously sleepy, until yesterday when I bought a rockstar pomegranate energy drink and a caramel frapp from Startbucks this morning. Woo caffiene, you're my savior.

So I recently learned about Passion Pit as I heard them on my friend's profile. Their catchy synth driven tunes immediately caught my attention, since they remind me a tad bit of a fusion between Matt & Kim and possibly Friendly Fires. Whatever the case is, they're pretty snazzy. And this video is pretty damn snazzy as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i can't wait. (=

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This past week was fairly decent. I hardly remember what I did before Tuesday, but Tuesday was Luly's birthday and Fredy and I made it a birthday to remember. Fredy and I busted a mission to make Luly smile after she had said that she wasn't going to do anything for her birthday but just stay at home and wait for us. We decided to hang at her house for a bit and the take her to Ce Fiore to buy two yogurt cups and put her "19" candle on top.

After singing her happy birthday and taking tons of pictures, we headed to Long Beach since KBeach was giving away their entire collection of cds, singles, and vinyls they've gotten over the years. I got a few cds for Fredy and Luly, and I found The Von Bondies cd, a single of Dave Gahan, and a ep of a band whose cover I found quite eye catching.

The first track is delightful, and I love driving to it. Makes me feel really chill. My other 15 something cds still need a good listen to them.

The rest of the week is a blur that I do not want to remember, but have to for my sake, until yesterday. After I got a haircut, my sister and I decided to go to Dallana's so we could party. It was allright, but maybe we could have found a better one. After the party, which was basically dead at 12:30, we went to go munch on some fries with the little energy that was left after all the dancing. All in all it was a good night. Also, I went to a ticketmaster outlet here in town, and turns out that the Bat for Lashes tix are sold out. =/ Now, all I can hope for is that ticketmaster puts up some tix like they had done last time, or I would have to resort to ridiculously expensive tickets on ebay. I'm desperate to see Natasha Khan, I really am.


I won the final bid on this dress that I found from this vintage shop on ebay.

I'm a happy camper. (=

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i just can't get enough.

I had said before I saw Depeche Mode, that if I would ever see them live at least one, I would die happy. I shouldn't have said that, 'cos now, I just would want to see them again and again and again.

Thursday was the Depeche Mode concert on Hollywood + Vine that appox. 10,000 have been waiting for. I honestly couldn't believe that I was going to see them, after so many failed attempts of trying to go to their concerts when they came to California back in 05. I was in class thinking of how exciting it was going to be later that night. All day, I was just thinking of Dave, Martin, and Andy.

When I got close to Hollywood, I dropped by Jaime's apartment and met with him and Alana, went to the liquor store, and headed to Hollywood. Traffic was ridiculous, but we didn't have too much trouble finding parking, and found a spot that was fairly close to the Music Box, not too far from the W Hollywood Residences where Depeche Mode was playing right infront of. We walked to the Jimmy Kimmel tent bought a shirt from one of the vendors (which was $10 and was a great deal as opposed to the $45 shirts that were on sale at The Cure's concert last year). While I'm walking with Alana, Jaime, and my sister to the ridiculously long line, I hear my name being called out of nowhere. It was my friend Joanna that was standing in line and she was so kind enough to let us cut, but then she was moved to another line, and we stayed where we were. We get in, and then I find Andi, say hello for a quick second, but had to run back to Alana, Jaime, and my sister before I got lost since my phone died (this would explain my lack of photos). I wish I would have spent more time with you Andi! <3

After a few hours of waiting, the same fat guy that I had seen at JKL came out and announced that Depeche Mode was coming in a few minutes. 8:25 comes around, and out comes Dave, Andy, and Martin, and Jimmy Kimmel introduces them, and then we all hear "Wrong". I couldn't hold my excitiment at was screaming my lungs out; finally I had succeeded in seeing Depeche Mode.

The concert was amazing to say the least. Dave had the entire audience hyped up, especially with their last two songs, "Enjoy The Silence" and "Walking In My Shoes". Amazing. Simply words cannot explain.

But here, take a look at it yourself.

(to be honest, I didn't like their performance of Wrong so much, but all their other songs were amazing.

(oh yeah, and I forgot that Elisha Cuthbert was being interviewed too. She looked adorable)
And here's some videos I found from so folks on youtube

I wish I could have the chance to see them this summer, but I'm running low on money. I think I might have to resort to a sacrifice, 'cos I just can't get enough of them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

dirt under my nails;

These past two days I've been so exhausted. I've going up and down, out and about, you name it.

Yesterday I brought Fredy over to LB state so that we could go to Forever 21 and turn in our apps after I was done with school. From 7am to 7pm I was away from home, and I was ridiculously exhausted. I knocked out as soon as I got home, woke up to play a bit with my new hacky sack, and went back to sleep.

This morning, I tagged along with my little brother and his 3rd grade class to The Getty. I don't know why I've never taken the time to visit it. The place is amazing, to say the least. The paintings, the architecture of the museum, and the gardens. BEAUTIFUL. For a moment, I was brought into a state of nostalgia, back three years ago when I went to Europe and visited the museums in London and Paris, since most of the art displayed at The Getty is classical art, and that was the only art that I saw in London and Paris. I took my fisheye, and I got some great shots, until I dropped my camera and the film was exposed to the light. Excellent. Maybe if the photos don't come out all white, they'll at least show up with some strange effect to them. If not, then it's back to The Getty.

I came back home to sleep and to garden. Day's over, and I'm here blogging.


And afterwards, maybe some shopping in Belmont Shore, and maybe try to sneak into Fingerprints for Record Store Day. Maybe just catch a glimpse of The Bird and the Bee.

If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know WHAT will.

I got tickets to see Depeche Mode next week on Jimmy Kimmel Live (the day after I see Black Kids on Last Call with Carson Daly). My life is complete.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"You see me trying to smile up on this pole..."

Today, as I was doing some research for my women's studies class, I came across this little article on Who'd have have thought I would see "Akon vs. Cocorosie" as a title on anything, but I guess that from a feminist scope, it would be sort of likely to see that.

I'm sure all of you have heard Akon's "I Wanna Love You" on the radio or wherever this media-induced world has shoved the song down your throat. Here's a jist of what the song's about: rappers fall in love women for "winding and grinding" up on some poles. How romantic, aye?

Cocorosie decided to have their own take on Akon's song.

Like one of the repliers to the post had said, "Fuck yes! That's how you show the real pain of objectification."

If you ask me, I prefer Cocorosie's version by 110%. (=

Here's the lyrics to Cocorosie's version:
"You see me trying to smile up on this pole
But I'm just hiding the pain that's deep in my soul
You wanna fuck me?
I already know
You wanna fuck me and toss me back on the floor

It started with my brother, first man I loved
Or should I say that he loved me?
I was in second grade, he was fourteen
In the shady of the trees
There was a summer breeze
Whole thing's a blurry dream
Behind the house, quiet as a mouse
You told me not to even breathe
A secret hard to keep
I didn't know 'til thirteen
By then I knew what to do
Just an old routine
Oh, the boys had a thing for me

You see me trying to smile up on this pole
But I'm just hiding the pain that's deep in my soul
You wanna fuck me?
I already know
You wanna fuck me and toss me back on the floor

My mama always said, "You're the brightest star
In life, you're sure to go so far"
Been at this club about four years
Hooked on dope, crying in the mirror
When we was just little girls
We learned to dance in mama's pearls
Baby bend over and shake that ass
Hey, you wanna come home with me?
Hoping you fall in love with me
I could make love to you for free
We could just get a place and start a life
And try to make things right

You see me trying to smile up on this pole
But I'm just hiding the pain that's deep in my soul
You wanna fuck me
I already know
You wanna fuck me and toss me back on the floor

It started with my brother, first man I loved
Or should I say that he loved me?
I was in second grade, he was fourteen
In the shady of the trees
There was a summer breeze
Whole thing's a blurry dream
Behind the house, quiet as a mouse
You told me not to even breathe
A secret hard to keep
I didn't know 'til thirteen
By then I knew what to do
Just an old routine
Oh, the boys had a thing for me

You see me trying to smile up on this pole
But I'm just hiding the pain that's deep in my soul
You wanna fuck me?
I already know
You wanna fuck me and toss me back on the floor

You see me trying to smile up on this pole
But I'm just hiding the pain that's deep in my soul


Monday, April 13, 2009

O hai nineteen;

Last Wednesday was my birthday and for the first time in my life I didn't want to celebrate it or think of the thought of becoming older. So on April 8th, I did not become 19. I became 9 years old, and now I'm old enough to eat out of the cookie jar. =)

However, the night before my birthday I went to Hollywood again, thinking to go dance at Dance just to take my younger sister clubbing, but the place was packed so we decided to just leave. Instead, we went to Amoeba and went to go eat New York style pizza, which I must say was exquisite. (= Plus, I gave myself a little bday present by buying Bat for Lashes' new cd, Two Suns, which I'm glad I bought. It's something quite different from Fur and Gold, but if you like a spookier tune with more drums, you'll be sure to like it.

You can listen to her whole album on myspace.

Speaking of albums, I think I should start buying more albums so I can add more to my cd collection. Maybe like Peter Bjorn and John's Living Thing which sounds hella good. Ah, but a job would be nice to help fund that wish. Still, the job hunt continues. For now, Peter Bjorn and John's awesome videos will suffice.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

dreamtime dreamshow

Since Wednesday came, a lot has been done.

Wednesday was Karla's birthday, and Luly, Fredy and I decided to spend some time together and go to Karla's house to drop off our presents to her and catch up. It was a great day, and I was glad to see Karla so happy.

Thursday I spent the whole day painting my new giant closet and placing in shelves and whatnot. I'm glad that now my new room isn't going to be as cluttered as my past room. My lack of storage was one of the reasons of why my room was constantly messy, despite the fact that I was always cleaning it. By the end of that day, I was pooped.

Yesterday however was wonderful. After I went to apply to work at Starbucks (continuing with the job hunt), I headed over to Echo Park to pick up Jaime to go see Lily Allen. After waiting in line and downing Jungle Joose, we finally saw Lily Allen peform.

Here's the videos straight from the airing last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Afterwards, we had tons of time to kill since I had to be home by midnight, so we went back to Jaime's place in Echo Park to pick up the flyers for House, bought some more Jungle Joose since it had already wore off, and went back to Hollywood Blvd. to go to House.

By that time, I wasn't so sober anymore...but I remember having fun (=.

As for today, I went to AT&T in Hawthorne and stood in line for about an hour just to meet Sasha Vujacic. I got his autograph, and my brother went crazy meeting one of his idols. Now, he never misses a Laker game, and I'm 100% behind him. =D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

midnight radio

Last Saturday when I was coming back home from The Adicts show at The Key Club, I turned on the radio and tuned into KCRW, and poof, I hear the intro to J Dilla's "Lightworks". Wait, what? MF DOOM's on the track? I looked a little bit more into it. Turns out that MF DOOM came out with a new record last Tuesday titled "Born Like This".

You can listen to the album on DOOM's myspace.

Yesterday I went shopping for my new room, which now needs painting again since it got scratched off when measuring the shelves for my closet. I found my new bed, which looks very old school-ish, but is really nice. After running some more errands, I went to Target with Fredy, and when we came back to drop him off, we saw his old van drive away into the sun, literally. I guess memories are only worth $600, and a little brown bear puppy.

Fig. 1 : Fredy's van driving away into the sun....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

lazy sunday

Today I was supposed to leave to San Francisco for my spring break get away, but now, my mum says that we have to wait for next weekend, which will really not suit to my liking due to the fact that I go back to school on Monday. My mum told me to drive up north by myself and that I shouldn't wait for her, so I'm thinking I might have to resort to that and take along someone with me.

Friday night I went to Forever 21 expecting to buy something for my mum's goddaugher, but instead went along and spoiled myself a tad bit.

And I expected to spend at least $20 on these:

But instead I found that they were only $5. That sure made my wallet happy. (=

I'm excited for this week. Tuesday I'm taking Ivan and Nam from Westminister to LAX for their flight to San Fran, Wednesday is Karla's birthday, Friday is the Lily Allen outdoor concert with Jimmy Kimmel Live, possibly Saturday morning, if I'm able to, I'll be going up to San Fran, and Sunday is my seester Skarlett's birthday. That reminds me, I have to register both my sister's birthday and mine for the free admission at Disneyland. Wooo, bring it on spring break.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm not good at this;

Obviously, I can't keep up with keeping my life documented at all. From December to now nearly April, a lot has come about. Aside from my few adventures that were allowed by my days off from work, things became much more mellow at home (my house became much more of a home thus letting me forget about wanting to desperately move out), I've procrastinated much less, I've created stronger bonds with my friends at LB State, and now I have much more leisure time since Circuit City is closed already. I'm glad I'm done with that place already, because it was really making me a misanthrope.

So to sum up this week:
Saturday - Visited Priscilla, visited Karla, met a few cool kids at Yuri's Records, and went to West Hollywood to see The Adicts at the Key Club.
Sunday - Went grocery shopping at Fresh and Easy with Geni and went back home to watch Twilight.
Tuesday - Hung out with Ivan after class, ate pizza off campus, and went to Conroy's so he could get flowers for Nam. After wards, I met up with Sarah and Kim to just hang out and enjoy the sun outside the dorms.

As for today, I hung out with Geni, Priscilla, and Luis to catch up since Geni's here for spring break and Priscilla comes on weekends from Costa Mesa. We went to visit K/D, and after wards we to Plaza Mexico to eat pupusas and just do shenanigans around the place. T'was fun hanging out again with everyone again like that, since I haven't spent time with Priscilla and Geni together since graduation last year.