Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the past few weeks in a nutshell.

and weeping over not being able to go to Coachella:

This past week has been a bittersweet one. Friday I got a speeding ticket when driving to Mexico, which was kind of a wakeup call into get back into drastic job hunting. And so I did. Today I dropped off some applications at Sephora and Aldo, and on the spot, I got an interview for tomorrow at Aldo, which is perfect since I don't have school. Things are looking up, and also, to save me from me 6 year misery of not going to Coachella, I've bought a piggy bank just to save up for it, and decided that going when I'm 21 is actually worth the wait. =) Ultra excited.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

losing my mind and spring break

The past few weeks have been ridiculously hectic with midterms, but luckily now I'm appreciating my week off from school and enjoying spring break pretty good. So far it's consisted of shopping in Santa Monica, job hunting, long trips to Tijuana, and working on my jewelry. I'm hoping that with the Downtown L.A Artwalk coming up next week, I can find a way to set up a los anjealous booth for the next few months. Since the artwalk lands on my birthday, and if I'm able to settle a deal for May, that would be such a great birthday present. =)

I've been listening to this great little band from Ireland, thanks to the recommendation of my good friend Alfredo. Two Door Cinema Club has such great dance-y rhythm to their music, and they're definitely deserve the hype that they have gotten over the blogosphere. They're playing in West Hollywood May 5th at the Troubadour. Pre-sale tix are $10, and then $12 a the door. So excited. :)