Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You bet your sweet ass I'm excited.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday was a day of hysterics and sadness with Michael Jackson's memorial and my parents going crazy over my mistakes. I have calmed down a bit after this whole claim was made on my insurance for the accident, but the girl I hit really screwed me over now and turned her back on me claiming more damage than was actually made and now injuries. What a slick way to dig into my empty pocket...

Driving towards Downtown yesterday, I was a bit skeptical about going shopping in the fashion district afraid that there were going to be tons and tons of road closures and horrible traffic, but luckily I got right into where I was headed. Driving around, we saw the tons of black Land Rovers and Rolls Royce's that were taking the Jackson family to the Staples Center, which seemed so crazy to me since I was so close. I bought a few pairs of jeans with my sister, and headed back towards Downey wiping tears from our eyes as we heard the entire memorial on the radio. As soon as I got home, I could not stop crying seeing the memorial rerun on VH1. Me and my sister were just wondering that we were going to remember that day forever, and when we would be older, we're going to tell our kids, "Kids, when we were much younger, we drove around Michael Jackson's memorial service and cried our eyes out while listening to it on the radio and watching it on TV." It was such a surreal day.

Rest In Peace MJ.

Monday, July 6, 2009

oh accidents...

It's funny how I'm more worried about my parents going ballistic over higher insurance rates than the damage of both cars, even though they're minor scrapes.

Oh Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, at least you two make me smile on a day like this.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

far from reality

In the past month, a lot of things have happened that make things seem so surreal. Thankfully it's more good things than bad things, but still I feel that I need to break away from some things, some people, and maybe even leave L.A for a little while. Maybe even consider taking a trip to the east coast since my aunt wants me to come over before the year's over.

To recap, the Lucky Brand Jeans Neighborhood Social was great. Bat For Lashes's performance was lovely and very intimate since the people were all cramped up in the back of the store. Surprisingly after eating chinese with Edwin before he went to work at Banana, I rushed over to Lucky only to find that I barely made it with still having a seat way up infront of Natasha. It was great, and her performance was acoustic with only the marxophone, piano, and another instrument that I had never seen before or in her performances. After the show, everyone fought to get the set list, but I just took her poster from the store outside. It was a great show and I just can't wait to see her again next month.

Aside from that, I job hunted like crazy, and applied to Urban Outfitters with no expectations of a call back. Two weeks ago they proved me wrong with offering me a group interview with 15 other folks, and after that one, they offered me another one with the 5 that were picked out of the bunch. Now, I start training tomorrow as a cashier over there, and I couldn't be more excited. Only downside is that by working there it means I'm going to be working two jobs this summer, with my weekend job at a driving school here by LAX. At least I'll be using the time working there by writing on my blog, like right now. Hah...

However, things have been in a somber mood since Michael Jackson's passing. To this day, I still can't believe he has left us for good. I've been paying my respects to him by playing his songs non stop, and this week I'm going to visit his star on the Walk of Fame and leave some flowers for him. My sister and I actually signed up for the tickets of the memorial service that's going to take place at the Staples Center, but after the overwhelming amount of people that registered for the lottery, I doubt that I'll be able to get them.

Oh Michael, rest in peace.

On the brighter side, the shop my sister and I opened up on etsy has been open for two weeks already with a lot of good feedback. Despite making only a few sales, we've already sold to people in France which was very surprising. We've been making lots of accesories and jewelery, and we're planning on putting up some more items before the end of the month.

But for now, I have to handle to shop all by myself since my sister is going to leave to Nicaragua Wednesday. Again, I'm going to be the only child in the house...and that's never any fun. Blagh...