Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rah rah kaching kaching

I'm not a crazy crazy Lady GaGa fanatic, and I find myself sometimes disturbed at seeing her performances, but I've gotta saw that this is pretty shweet, as well as this:

and this

Yeah, pretty much she never ceases to amaze me with all her craziness. Yo go girl, with your crazy self.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A drunk Jake Gyllenhaal, a rather lame Joe Jonas, RZA as a ref, and Lil Jon as a tennis coach.

Amidst all the useless e-mails that I got this morning in my inbox, one e-mail made my day. I'm sure all of you who have signed up to Vampire Weekend's mailing list also got the notice of the new video for 'Giving Up The Gun', but I don't know if you reacted in the same way as I did as when you give a 3 year old a box of licorice.

As you've seen with older Vampire Weekend videos, the boys have had this style to most of their videos, even with their last one 'Cousins', where it looks like it came out of an 80's teen film or just a preppy uppity video. Now with 'Giving Up The Gun', Ezra Koenig's ideas have made Vampire Weekend come out of their comfort zone, and grace us with a modern-looking video (for me the all white shouts futuristic to me) and even add cameo appearances! Trust me, the last person I thought I was going to see in this video was Joe Jonas.

As soon as I saw the whole tennis theme, I went crazy since I've been playing tennis lately. But I couldn't help to be annoyed and think how in the world did she beat a drunk Jake Gyllenhaal when she doesn't even know how to hold the racquet right, but i guess with Lil Jon coaching you, how can you lose? He surely gave her that Crunk Juice, thus resulting in flaming tennis balls.

Monday, February 15, 2010

post valentines


Singles' Awareness Day could not have gone better while I spent the whole day with my lovely mother (waking up early to make her coffee and give hand her the pink tulips I got for her), took her to Downtown to shop, and then came back home and brought Luly and and Gladys over to grub and watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which I have to remember to order online now.

Credit: Gladys Q.

Credit: Gladys Q.

Credit: Gladys Q.

It was a great day, and happy that I did not feel like a loser again for spending another Valentine's Day single. I felt great with my girls, but if anything, my Valentine's Day was made great when I saw my mom smile a big ol' smile when she saw the pink tulips and had it on throughout the entire day. Gracias Mami por ser mi Valentin <3.

Friday, February 12, 2010

at home and being sick blues

Since my last post, an awful lot has happened. In brief, I'm going into my 4th week of being vegan, I'm loving my classes (finally glad to be taking my major classes), I've actually started working out and playing tennis, I got a texting plan, and John Mayer has proven himself to be a douche bag that makes me feel guilty when I listen to "Your Body is a Wonderland."

I haven't stepped out of my house in over 24 hours since I've been hit with some horrible allergies, which hasn't stopped me reading my copy of A Clockwork Orange that came in the mail earlier this week, but did stop me from going to my first frat party at UCLA last night and going to the movies today.

Oh well...til later my droogies.