Tuesday, March 31, 2009

midnight radio

Last Saturday when I was coming back home from The Adicts show at The Key Club, I turned on the radio and tuned into KCRW, and poof, I hear the intro to J Dilla's "Lightworks". Wait, what? MF DOOM's on the track? I looked a little bit more into it. Turns out that MF DOOM came out with a new record last Tuesday titled "Born Like This".

You can listen to the album on DOOM's myspace.

Yesterday I went shopping for my new room, which now needs painting again since it got scratched off when measuring the shelves for my closet. I found my new bed, which looks very old school-ish, but is really nice. After running some more errands, I went to Target with Fredy, and when we came back to drop him off, we saw his old van drive away into the sun, literally. I guess memories are only worth $600, and a little brown bear puppy.

Fig. 1 : Fredy's van driving away into the sun....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

lazy sunday

Today I was supposed to leave to San Francisco for my spring break get away, but now, my mum says that we have to wait for next weekend, which will really not suit to my liking due to the fact that I go back to school on Monday. My mum told me to drive up north by myself and that I shouldn't wait for her, so I'm thinking I might have to resort to that and take along someone with me.

Friday night I went to Forever 21 expecting to buy something for my mum's goddaugher, but instead went along and spoiled myself a tad bit.

And I expected to spend at least $20 on these:

But instead I found that they were only $5. That sure made my wallet happy. (=

I'm excited for this week. Tuesday I'm taking Ivan and Nam from Westminister to LAX for their flight to San Fran, Wednesday is Karla's birthday, Friday is the Lily Allen outdoor concert with Jimmy Kimmel Live, possibly Saturday morning, if I'm able to, I'll be going up to San Fran, and Sunday is my seester Skarlett's birthday. That reminds me, I have to register both my sister's birthday and mine for the free admission at Disneyland. Wooo, bring it on spring break.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm not good at this;

Obviously, I can't keep up with keeping my life documented at all. From December to now nearly April, a lot has come about. Aside from my few adventures that were allowed by my days off from work, things became much more mellow at home (my house became much more of a home thus letting me forget about wanting to desperately move out), I've procrastinated much less, I've created stronger bonds with my friends at LB State, and now I have much more leisure time since Circuit City is closed already. I'm glad I'm done with that place already, because it was really making me a misanthrope.

So to sum up this week:
Saturday - Visited Priscilla, visited Karla, met a few cool kids at Yuri's Records, and went to West Hollywood to see The Adicts at the Key Club.
Sunday - Went grocery shopping at Fresh and Easy with Geni and went back home to watch Twilight.
Tuesday - Hung out with Ivan after class, ate pizza off campus, and went to Conroy's so he could get flowers for Nam. After wards, I met up with Sarah and Kim to just hang out and enjoy the sun outside the dorms.

As for today, I hung out with Geni, Priscilla, and Luis to catch up since Geni's here for spring break and Priscilla comes on weekends from Costa Mesa. We went to visit K/D, and after wards we to Plaza Mexico to eat pupusas and just do shenanigans around the place. T'was fun hanging out again with everyone again like that, since I haven't spent time with Priscilla and Geni together since graduation last year.