Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Since I was a child...

I'm starting a new chapter, and possibly a whole new book in my life. More than a month ago, I was dealing with my last finals I'd ever take in high school, writing in yearbooks, and walking the stage to shake the school principal's hand and take my diploma. Next month, I'll be driving down the 405 in it's intense traffic to attend my first official college class at CSULB.

Childhood is a thing of the past now, and I'm now on to bigger, maybe smaller, but definitely better things. It's just right to start off this new stage in my life by starting a brand new blog. It's not my first time blogging. I've blogged on Xanga since 8th grade, but it's been more of a personal journal that I'd like to keep "on the down low".

In this blog, I'll just write down my little and maybe exciting adventures that I have, missions that I bust, art I'm digging, tunes I'm listening to, clothes that make me want to shoplift, and the little things that I find amusing. Basically, anything I think is blog-worthy.

To start off this blog, I'll put up some pictures from my trip to San Juan Del Sur for your viewing pleasure. It's this lovely beach town smack dab in the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. If you stay there, all you would see are American, German, and Canadian tourists. I stayed at this nice resort a minute away from the beach shore with my fam bam, and it was truly a sight to see. I'll only upload a few because the wireless internet over here is MEGA slow. >_<