Tuesday, December 2, 2008

making a comback;

I guess I'll try to do what Britney Spears is doing right now since I haven't been on this for quite a long long time. Comeback time!

So the reason why I haven't been on this is 'cos my life has been ridiculously busy, and I don't even have a slight minute to turn on a computer and check my e-mail unless I'm on campus. Luckily, today I brought my laptop, so I'm good. I got a job and the end of the semester is in about 3 weeks, next week being my last official week of classes before finals week.

Nothing much special has happened in the past month, other than seeing Lykke Li on the 3rd, which I must say was an amazing show. The first two opening bands were pretty good, but Friendly Fires just had an amazing set. After the show, I couldn't get enough of them. Before the show, I had only listened to Paris, but after wards, I got hooked to every song they played. And must I add that the lead singer, Ed McFarlane, is quite a handsome dashing dancer.

When Lykke Li came out, it was simply amazing. Everything about her performance was amazing. And lastly she topped it off with her Can I Kick It? encore, chanting O-B-A-M-A at the end of her set.

There's more pictures on my flickr.
Here's a short clip I took before one of those pesky security guards made me turn off my camera.

The show ended off amazing. I can't wait for Lykke Li to come back to LA, which I believe is around February. So for those of your who would like to witness an amazing show and admire the presence of Sweden's best, save your money to see Lykke Li at The Glasshouse in Pomona. I believe that the tickets for that show are much cheaper than last month's show.

And if you didn't catch the MTV Woodie Awards, here you go.

And I thought this was pretty wicked too.

Oh Ezra Koenig, you're such a charming fellow.

Speaking of Vampire Weekend, they're actually playing at KROQ's Almost Acoustic X-Mas with The Killers, Death Cab For Cutie, and surprisingly enough, The Cure. I'm not that big a fan of the two other bands and the other bands that are playing, but as soon as I heard that The Cure and Vampire Weekend were on the lineup, I set up a mission to win tickets due to my financial state right now. [Note to self: never leave car keys in car again.] So if you want to go ahead and see them, save your money, and leave me to try an win them. (= I keed...

Christmas is in 22 days and I couln't be more excited. I love the holidays. (=