Friday, May 29, 2009

evil twins and whatnot

Bat For Lashes - "Pearl's Dream"

Bat For Lashes's second video for the next single "Pearl's Dream" was uploaded yesterday on her myspace. Finally we get to meet the oh so famous Pearl!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

headaches and sore knees

Running around all day today had me exhausted, and I'm hoping that tomorrow I could have a break. My drums are finally out of their hide out after cleaning them up for a bit more than an hour. Kashmir with my sister, Fredy, and Luly was fun, also with running into a few familiar faces. It worked a liddo bit as a golden star to myself for running around all morning.

Here's some lovely new Regina Spektor for the wandering eye:
Laughing With

Her new album "Far" comes out June 23rd, so keep an eye out.

Also, Nosaj Thing's debut album "Drift" is set to drop June 9th, but it's already available online.
Also, he's going to be at Low End Theory in LA for a record release party June 10th.

Yum, I love the taste of new tunes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


First weekend of summer has come, and I'm already sick. These past few days have been nothing but sneezing and a continuous runny nose, and staring straight up at bright lights is not helping [no it's not swine flu]. Aside from the boogers running down from my nose, I've already started to make the best out of my summer since Friday. Fredy, Luly, and I went to Universal Studios for a special test taping of the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. It was somewhat of an adventure getting to the stage by unnecessarily taking the shuttle to City Walk only to find that the stage was only a walk down from the train station where we parked. After all the panic that Fredy had for thinking that we were going to be late for the show and after all the running, we were in the studio and we were good to go. Rebecca Romijn and Patton Oswalt were the guests, and I just simply couldn't stop laughing during Patton Oswalt's interview. Also, I can't forget Conan's prediction for the Year 3000 : "In the year 3000, youtube, twitter, and facebook will merge into one giant time wasting website: youtwitface." Oh, Conan. ^_^

I'm planning on going to more Tonight Shows this summer. Which reminds me, I saw that Jimmy Kimmel Live has an upcoming Bat For Lashes show on June 16th, the same night of her show at The El Rey Theater. And wow, they're sold out as well. I guess I'll just have to check again and again and hope to have the same luck of getting tickets like I did when I went to go see Depeche Mode.

This week I'm hoping to get a lot done with painting, making visits, and even starting to set up a little line of accessories me and my sister are planning to do. We'll get some ideas up and eventually put them up on Etsy, so keep an eye out for that. I'll also have to get my guitar strings for my guitar so I can start practicing since I'm planning to perform at open mic nights, possibly Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis covers. Let's see how that goes.

[photo: Wooster Collective - artist: Run Dont Walk]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

almost there

one more week to go and i'm worry-free. (=

Monday, May 11, 2009


cutest thing ever

This is my last week of school, and I'm stressed, but not stressed. Well, I guess 'cos of my math final and persuasive speech tomorrow. I feel that I have everything else in the bag. After next week, I'll be free as a bird, and I would go shopping, but that would require money, and for money I'd need a job, which I still don't have. Just two more weeks, and I could be getting a job in Cerritos, hopefully. Who knows, I'm hoping for the best.

Oh summer...please come already.

Friday, May 8, 2009

withdrawl symptoms

Ever since this semester started, every morning I have drunk a cup of coffee to get me through the day. I figured I became addicted, because if I would not have coffee around 9 am in the morning, I was bound to fall asleep for my 11 am class. So this past week, I've tried to substitute the habit with getting french mocha cappuchinos instead, and I had no idea that by trying to avoid coffee, I would begin to get major headaches. So this whole week I've been dealing with stupid headaches that make me ridiculously sleepy, until yesterday when I bought a rockstar pomegranate energy drink and a caramel frapp from Startbucks this morning. Woo caffiene, you're my savior.

So I recently learned about Passion Pit as I heard them on my friend's profile. Their catchy synth driven tunes immediately caught my attention, since they remind me a tad bit of a fusion between Matt & Kim and possibly Friendly Fires. Whatever the case is, they're pretty snazzy. And this video is pretty damn snazzy as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i can't wait. (=

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This past week was fairly decent. I hardly remember what I did before Tuesday, but Tuesday was Luly's birthday and Fredy and I made it a birthday to remember. Fredy and I busted a mission to make Luly smile after she had said that she wasn't going to do anything for her birthday but just stay at home and wait for us. We decided to hang at her house for a bit and the take her to Ce Fiore to buy two yogurt cups and put her "19" candle on top.

After singing her happy birthday and taking tons of pictures, we headed to Long Beach since KBeach was giving away their entire collection of cds, singles, and vinyls they've gotten over the years. I got a few cds for Fredy and Luly, and I found The Von Bondies cd, a single of Dave Gahan, and a ep of a band whose cover I found quite eye catching.

The first track is delightful, and I love driving to it. Makes me feel really chill. My other 15 something cds still need a good listen to them.

The rest of the week is a blur that I do not want to remember, but have to for my sake, until yesterday. After I got a haircut, my sister and I decided to go to Dallana's so we could party. It was allright, but maybe we could have found a better one. After the party, which was basically dead at 12:30, we went to go munch on some fries with the little energy that was left after all the dancing. All in all it was a good night. Also, I went to a ticketmaster outlet here in town, and turns out that the Bat for Lashes tix are sold out. =/ Now, all I can hope for is that ticketmaster puts up some tix like they had done last time, or I would have to resort to ridiculously expensive tickets on ebay. I'm desperate to see Natasha Khan, I really am.


I won the final bid on this dress that I found from this vintage shop on ebay.

I'm a happy camper. (=