Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer plans ruined.

So I just found out yesterday that my plans for this Saturday were ruined. I was really looking forward to have my last bit of fun before I flew out to Nicaragua on Monday, and now no more M.I.A, N*E*R*D, FlyLo, Sleigh Bells, The Gaslamp Killer, or Die Antwoord. I already had a feeling that they were going to cancel HARD LA after the mess that happened at EDC, but HARD LA shouldn't be taking heat for what happened at that rave when HARD's not even a rave. FML; and now, they're saying that they're going to make one giant festival on Aug. 7th when Soulwax and Crystal Castles are supposed to play, but they haven't even said if Saturday's original lineup is going to play. Ugh...thanks EDC for giving me an even bigger reason to hate you.

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