Monday, May 3, 2010

I don't mind sharing either

The other day, I ran into the website of an artist by the name of Ric Stultz, and couldn't thank the heavens enough to be graced by his art.

Welcome to the Club

Minds Racing

The 27 year old illustrator from Milwaukee that graduated from University of Wisconsin Stout who gets his inspiration from Arrested Development, spider monkeys, Biggie and Tupac, and Rembrandt creates his illustrations on what would born out of play on words. Despite the fact that the majority of his illustrations are made with blearly pain and dull colors, the images themselves are far from boring and dreary.

Some of his paintings made me chuckle at the cute-sey messages which were very heart felt (such as 'We Will Be Together Soon' and 'I Don't Mind Sharing'), and some of them just made me chuckle at how clever the image was (like Minds Racing).

Check him out at

Sidenote: I discovered him far too late, and was not happy to find out that his illustrations were being showcased in a gallery here in L.A. Tear...

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